Responsible Business Consulting
Working With Our Clients To Embed Sustainability Thinking and Practice - In Small Or Big Ways

At RBC, we design our work to deliver quality and focused services for you in sustainability and communications. What we do (impact) and say (communication) as individuals and organizations matters.

About Us

We create tailored services for your sustainability and communications needs and aspirations.

As our name implies, we are committed to providing consulting services that are responsible and responsive to our clients. Sustainability and communications are the two areas we specialize in to give our very best to our clients.

Our Services

What we do and what we say as organizations and individuals matter – for today and for the future. At Responsible Business Consulting, we shape our work to deliver quality and focused services to you



Curated insights on sustainability, communications, and aspects of life that matter to RBC and hopefully to you too.

TLDR Newsletters

RBC publication with key insights from a global, regional and Kenyan perspective to keep sustainability practitioners and enthusiasts up to speed on key developments that are sometimes Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR)

Our Clients

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