The 2024 Sustainability Trends: Key Insights for Kenyan Professionals

SUMMARY OF THE WEBINAR’S DISCUSSIONS  The Association of Sustainability Practitioners in Kenya (ASPK) is a community of sustainability  champions, committed to embedding sustainable practices within the fabric of Kenyan society and  beyond. ASPK is a network of professionals and organizations spanning the sectors of business,  government, academia, and civil society, all bound by a common […]

Crafting Impactful Sustainability Reports: A Strategic Guide for Practitioners and Companies

Sustainability reporting is the practice of measuring, disclosing, and being accountable for an organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. The main objective of sustainability reporting is to communicate the organization’s commitment to sustainable development and its impact on various stakeholders such as investors, customers, employees, and the broader community. Reporting is a tool that […]


Virginia* 20 Virginia shares her sexual harassment ordeal at her new job as a waitress at a restaurant. She was excited for the opportunity since it was an upgrade from her last job, where she was underpaid and overworked. At her new job, she had flexible working hours and a very understanding boss. What Virginia […]


Emily* 27 I am trying to manoeuvre through a bustling crowd on a footbridge. There is so much going on; hawkers and customers, mothers with babies tucked on their backs, lovers clutching onto each other’s hands and beggars on wheelchairs holding empty containers.  I lack the patience to join the trail moving at a snail’s […]


Lucy* 48 Sexual harassment reminds me of the ‘Me Too’ movement. I think a lot of black and brown women in developing countries did not take part. We were all probably quietly thinking, sexual harassment is such a normal occurrence in our lives, where do we begin…well, that is what I was thinking. Sexual harassment […]


Annabel* 22 Annabel is a student at State University and she loves wearing fashionable clothes. From her style, one can tell that her sense of fashion is bold, classy, sexy and aesthetic —she likes to subtly show her skin. Annabel prefers walking to school since the university is nearby, except for instances when she foresees […]


Rosita* 30 It was a busy Friday evening in Nairobi town. That day after work, I decided to take a bus instead of the small matatus to get home. Since it was the beginning of the weekend, I was very excited to get home and relax after a long week of so much to do […]


For over 50 years, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders has been at the forefront of humanitarian action in Eastern Africa —serving people affected by war, conflicts, epidemics, natural disasters and providing access to medical assistance. MSF’s 2022 report indicates that they provided more than 4 million vaccinations  against measles and 16 million medical consultations. […]

Reflections on Realizing Africa’s Potential

Over the last two decades or so, Africa has steadily shed its tag as the Dark Continent. The somewhat derogatory nickname has been used in reference to the perceived economic backwardness of the continent and other problems such as perennial hunger, disease, illiteracy, and political instability. In its place, more positive perceptions are taking root owing […]

3 Major Reasons Why Having Women in Leadership Matters

This article was originally published on On April 19, 2023, released the 2023 Definitive List of 93 Women CEOs on a live webinar, which had over 700 participants in attendance. This ranking is based on meticulous scrutiny of 2,020 firms listed on 24 African stock exchanges; 787 were selected and then further analysed to determine […]